Ammonium chloride 99.8 % p. a. [12125-02-9]

CAS number: 12125-02-9

Summary formula: NH4Cl

Molar mass: 53.49 g / mol

Synonyms: salmiak

Application: Ammonium chloride is mainly used as the electrolyte in Leclanché dry cells, i.e. the most commonly used galvanic cells today. It is also used as an expectorant, an additive for cattle feed, a component of shampoo. The phenomenon of thermal decomposition of ammonium chloride was used to clean soldering tips and to clean metal surfaces. Ammonium chloride is the oldest known ammonium salt. It was first obtained in ancient times. It is used in food products as a leavening and preservative E510.

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Content 99.0%
Water insoluble substances max. 0.02%
Roasting residue (SO4) max. 0.05%
Sulphates (SO4) max. 0.01%
Phosphates (PO4) max. 0.002%
Iron (Fe III) max. 0.001%
Calcium (Ca) max. 0.004%
Magnesium (Mg) max. 0.0025%
Heavy metals (Pb) max. 0.002%
Organic substances according to the recipe
pH (5%, 20oC) 4.5 – 6


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