Butyl Acetate 80%[123-86-4]


CAS number: 123-86-4
Summary formula:C6H12O2
Molar mass:116,16 g/mol
Synonyms:butyl acetate, acetic acid n-butyl ester

Translation [ENG]:Butyl Acettate
Application:Butyl acetate is used in industry as a solvent for paints and varnishes and as a raw material in many organic syntheses.

Butyl acetate 80% [123-86-4]

Butyl acetate is an ester of acetic acid and n-butyl alcohol. It is used as an organic solvent. It has a sharp but moderate aroma reminiscent of a banana-like scent. It is harmful to health and irritates the mucous membranes. It is used as an ingredient of acetone-free nail polish removers.

Boiling point: 126 ° C

Density: 882 kg / m³

Melting point: -78 ° C

Molar Mass: 116.16 g / mol

Chemical formula: C6H12O2

Hazard pictograms

Labeling of hazardous chemicals and mixtures that are part of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The pictograms recommended by GHS have the shape of a square set on the top. They should contain a black symbol on a white background with a red border.

Priority rules to be observed in connection with the labeling of a substance:

– the skull and crossbones, the exclamation mark pictogram should not be added.
– corrosive effect, the exclamation mark pictogram should not be added if it concerns eye or skin irritation.
– health hazard determining respiratory sensitization, the exclamation mark pictogram should not be added if it concerns skin sensitization or irritation to eyes or skin.

Source: GHS pictograms

Packaging Size

1000l, 24000l


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