Methylamine 33% in methanol [ 74-89-5 ]


CAS number: 74-89-5
Summary formula:CH5N
Molar mass: 31,06 g/mol
Translation [ENG]: Methylamine
Application: It has found numerous applications in the industry of organic syntheses (dyes and tannins), in pharmaceutical preparation and chemical synthesis (for the production of pesticides, surfactants and accelerators). Used as a solvent in a liquefied form.

Methylamine 33% in methanol [ 74-89-5 ].

Methylamine is a poisonous organic chemical compound belonging to the amines. It is a colourless gas with an odour comparable to spoiled fish. It is the simplest primary aliphatic amine. Methylamine dissolves very well in water, slightly less well in ethanol. Due to its physical properties, methylamine is usually stored either liquefied in ampoules or, more commonly, as a salt, e.g. methylamine hydrochloride (a hygroscopic solid) . Commercially, methylamine is also available as a 33% methanol solution, its price is not high, even affordable. Methylamine is a product that our shop also offers.

Methylamine 33% in methanol – find out about its use

Methylamine is very often used in the pharmaceutical industry. The price of producing methylamine is not high and it can easily be done in a well-equipped laboratory. Methylamine is one of the ingredients that is added to create all kinds of accelerators, surfactants or pesticides. Methylamine is also used in the organic synthesis industry, to make dyes and tannins. Methylamine hydrochloride is also used to make solvents.

Methylamine 33% in methanol – side effects

Like most amines, methylamine is toxic, so special precautions should be taken when making methylamine-based mixtures. It is a good idea to frequently ventilate the room and to use gloves and protective goggles, as it can irritate the respiratory system, the eyes or even the skin. A person exposed to increased concentrations of methylamine may experience:

scratching in the throat;
itching and pinching of the eyes;
abdominal pain;
flushing of the face;
general weakness.
Methylamine 33% in methanol – properties

Methylamine has many properties and uses that are worth knowing, especially if you work with this chemical on a daily basis. Methylamine – chemical and physical properties:

Sum formula of methylamine: CH5N;
molar mass of methylamine: 31.06 g/mol;
Appearance of methylamine:Form: clear, liquid. Colour: colourless;
Acidity of methylamine: 10,66[3];
Flash point: -22.8 °C – closed crucible;
relative density 0.756 g-cm3
Methylamine – how is it formed?

The preparation of methylamine chloride is not complicated, but care must be taken when preparing the solution. To prepare methylamine, the reagents required are:

ethyl alcohol 95% C2H5OH;
hydrochloric acid 35-38% HCl;
urotropine C6H12N4.

All the above reagents are readily available in pharmacies and liquor shops. In addition, you will also need a flask for mixing the substances and a heat source.

Preparation of methylamine begins by pouring 40 ml hydrochloric acid and 10 ml spirit into the flask. After 10 minutes, 14 grams of urotropine are added with rapid stirring. Dangerous gases are produced during this process, so it is advisable to protect the body while preparing the solution. The solution prepared in this way should be corked and set aside for several hours, but every two hours (for five hours) the flask should be opened for a moment to equilibrate the pressure. The flask should be shaken once in a while.

After several hours, the solution should be drained off and the crystals removed. The resulting solution is poured into a beaker held over slightly boiling water. This process is designed to evaporate the ethanol, water and residual hydrochloric acid. When the substance has turned solid, we stop heating. The methylamine chloride thus formed can be finely crushed. Methylamine can be separated into string bags. Methylamine is a product that our shop also has on offer.


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