Pursuant to the REACH regulation, Vichemic Industries acts as a distributor, i.e. stores and markets substances on their own and as a preparation ingredient, making them available to third parties. In order to ensure the safety of downstream users, our role as a distributor, in accordance with the REACH Regulation, is primarily to provide key information on substances, mixtures or articles in the supply chain, such as:
– information on the use of the substance or mixture;
– information on health and safety, possible dangers and risks of the product;
– information about the restriction on sales and permits required.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]In accordance with REACH, we attach safety data sheets in electronic or paper form to every product at the buyer’s request. The products we sell are labeled and packaged in accordance with the CLP Regulation. As a distributor, we are also obliged to store information for 10 years regarding the supply of chemical substances and mixtures (Article 36 of REACH)